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        Founded in 1996, focused on fine chemical products!!YANG ZHOU HENG SHENG CHEMICAL CO.,LTD 嶄猟井
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        AddNo2 Renmin Road Huicun zhen Jiang dou city,jiangsu China
        Fax+86 0514-86374691
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        1 Landscape overview
          Hui Village Industrial Park, located in the northeastern suburbs of Yangzhou City Industrial Park, where the Hui village total area of 45.5 square kilometers, a population of more than 31 thousand.

          The culture here has a long history, according to legend the national hero Yue Fei once the army stationed here, so the name "Huicun", "Marshal's village".
        Here the industry started earlier, the chemical industry in the national market with considerable visibility, most of the products are exported overseas.

          The traffic is convenient here, the market town from Nanjing Expressway and the Beijing Shanghai expressway are more than 10 kilometers, the car arrived in Shanghai about 2.5 hours, arrived in Nanjing only 1.5 hours.

          Here's a new town look, Renmin Road, ring road in the town, the bustling streets and opened the five vertical and three horizontal pattern, initially completed all the "hardening", "green", "beautiful" and "light" project, nearly 5000 residents to leave without leaving home, work or business, living standard of city life.

          Here tomorrow even more brilliant, according to the "fifteen" plan, the GDP growth rate will reach 13%.

          Here, we sincerely welcome domestic and foreign Huicun Industrial Park to a person with breadth of vision to invest and create a better future...

        2 investment information
          We sincerely welcome foreign businessmen to my town, joint venture, cooperation on the following items bought property, in order to promote the adjustment of economic structure,

        Product upgrading.
        Chemical aspects:
        A. based chemical; B. pesticide chemical industry; C. pharmaceutical chemical; D. polymer chemical;
        E. bio chemical industry; F. fine chemical industry; g. dyeing and pigment chemical industry; h. environmental protection project;

        3 preferential policies
          In order to increase the intensity of investment, the town government in the province, the city on the basis of preferential policies to supplement the following policies:
        (1) new enterprises need new requisition of land for construction, the priority areas for their selection, help go through the legal formalities for the use of the land, and the land fees charged by half. Investment in US $2 million or RMB 20 million yuan or more free use of 50 acres of land, free electricity below 500KV power capacity fee and household tap water capacity fees.
        (2) for foreign investment projects, involving the town government charges are to implement the "two exemptions and three reductions" that is two years before the free, after three years halved.
        (3) scientific and technical personnel, administrative personnel personnel relations can be retained in the city personnel exchange center, the original identity, the town of talent service stations to provide services to help handle the formalities.
        (4) high-tech personnel with investors and enterprises settled in the town, providing a homestead, half the fee, a special contribution in the area, Zhen Xing min award a villa, its children free lodging fee.
        (5) the town office for foreign investment for the various approval procedures, the town government no longer charge fees.
        (10) water, electricity, telecommunications, cable television and other facilities in place within 6 days.

        4 intermediary incentives
        Town government issued a "investment, new product development incentives", the main contents are as follows:
        (1) contribution to the people of rewards according to achieve the technical level of new products and put into effect a year after sales project to fill the domestic blank, sales of 500~1000 million reward according to 1%, sales of 1000~2000 million reward according to 2%, sales of more than 20 million yuan by 3% reward; or filled in the gaps in the industry. Sales of 500~1000 million reward according to 0.5%, sales of 1000~2000 million reward according to 1%, sales of more than 20 million yuan by 2% reward.
        (2) in terms of investment, where the introduction of more than $100 thousand and a 1 Joint Venture Award 50 thousand yuan, every enterprise or active personnel through the efforts to promote the foreign funded enterprise of my town, according to the introduction of investment $100 thousand reward 10 thousand yuan.

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